About Bad Ass Coffee

In 1989, Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii was born on the shores of the Big Island, Hawaii, with a goal of sharing American-grown, premium Hawaiian coffee from Kauai, Waialua (Oahu), Maui, and 100% Kona coffee with coffee lovers everywhere. Since then, we’ve been successful in spreading the “Aloha Spirit” by combining great coffee with great service that makes you the center of our attention, and we do that in a memorable, relaxing – even playful – environment that let’s you…be you!

What’s With the Bad Ass Name?
(It’s probably not what you think)

With a name like Bad Ass Coffee, its easy to get confused, or even forget about the little guy who inspired our name and who holds a special place in Hawaiian Coffee history.

For generations, the donkeys of Kona, Hawaii could be heard bellowing as they carried heavy loads of coffee beans up and down the mountains of the Big Island. The native people of Kona named these hard-working donkeys ‘The Bad Ass Ones’ because of their reliably strong, but stubborn nature in carrying the world’s richest coffee.

Kona Coffee

Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii is one of the few places where you can buy and enjoy 100% Kona coffee.

Kona Coffee is the king of Hawaiian coffee, and it’s distinguished from coffees worldwide by the tremendous extra care taken throughout each and every step of the growing & harvesting process that produce a one-of-a-kind coffee experience.

Grown on the mountain slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa volcanos, coffee from the Kona Region of The Big Island develops its signature taste from tropical sun-drenched mornings and misty afternoons. The end result is a coffee that is delicate yet flavorful, medium-bodied, slightly acidic and has a deliciously rich aroma.These excellent qualities have made Kona coffee one of the most highly valued and loved coffees throughout the world in the world.

We like to think that there’s a little Bad Ass attitude in every bean we roast and every cup we brew for our customers. We’re stubborn about ensuring the highest quality of our beans and we’re dedicated to reliably making you the perfect cup every time. Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii hand selects and roasts our own Hawaiian coffee beans, so there’s no middle man mark up. It’s called direct trade and we pass that savings on to you so that you can enjoy the best pure Hawaiian coffee at the best price!